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How it Works:

  1. Search our website for items that may be of interest to your company.
    1. Use our Request for quote form (click here) or
    2. Develop a list using your own form.
  2. Email your list to
    1. All quotes at CAC Promotional Advertising are free.
    2. We provide quotes for planning purposes. All and any revisions to quotes are free. A new quote number will be developed for a revised quote.
  3. CAC Promotional Advertising will develop a quote and are usually good for only 30 days. After the quote expiration date, a new quote will need to be developed. Some quotes expire sooner because those items are more unstable in the marketplace.
  4. Upon approval of the quote, CAC Promotional Advertising requires payment of the full amount of the quote. We accept most major credit and/or Debit cards, i.e., Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.
  5. Once a payment is received, CAC Promotional Advertising will work with your company representative(s) in developing artwork and/or text to be decorated on your items purchased.
  6. Your company representative(s) will need to approve each artwork and/or text developed.
  7. Production time is listed in each item quoted and begins as soon as art work is approved and submitted to the printers.
  8. Products will be shipped directly to you unless you tell us otherwise. We hire manufacturers from across America to produce certain products. The Shipping charges are what they charge to deliver your finished products to you.
  9. Upon your receipt of your finished products our contract with you will be over for that order.

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